Corinne McKnight is a singer/songwriter from Madison, Wisconsin. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee and was in the Songwriting Program at Belmont University, which she is now an alumna. McKnight has been expressing herself through her music since she was twelve years old. At twelve years old, she was involved in a program called the Artist Development Network (ADN). This program matched up young aspiring singers to write songs with professional songwriters for a week, record a demo of their three favorite songs that they wrote together, and then perform in a writers round.


After this amazing experience, McKnight had found her calling. She never really tinkered with songwriting before the week she spent in Nashville, but after she got to write with so many talented people, she realized that being a singer/songwriter was what she wanted to do with her life. One of the writers that she wrote with, and with whom she is still close with, told her that she had to learn how to play guitar if she wanted to be a songwriter. As soon as Corinne got back to Madison, she bought a guitar and learned how to play. She started writing her own songs immediately. Her dad found her a manager and she was well on her way. 




At the age of fourteen, Corinne released an album comprised of all original songs called Surprised Me. Her manager, who was also her mentor and producer, helped her create this body of work. Corinne performed songs off of this album all around town at coffee shops, restaurants, and other venues. Two years later, she released another album called Take My Hand, which was also made up of all original songs. Local Sounds Magazine praised this release, calling the songs “exquisitely catchy” and “downright lovable.” “It’s quick to see that the girl means business” writes Rick Tvedt. With the success of Take My Hand, she was a finalist in the Madison Area Music Awards (MAMAs) and was a contender for Country Performer of the Year and Country Album of the Year. On top of the nominations, two of the songs from this 2014 release were played on a popular local radio station in Madison called 105.5 Triple M very frequently.


As McKnight grew up, music continued as her passion and she wanted to keep pursuing it. After graduating high school in 2015, McKnight had the opportunity to open for Vince Gill at the Andy North and Friends Event that summer with her band. After that show, McKnight had the confidence that she needed to move to Nashville to finally fulfill her dream. She released her third album, Behind Each Kiss, and left Madison with a farewell/CD release show at Paoli Schoolhouse Cafe. Corinne was accepted into the Songwriting Program at Belmont University and moved to Nashville at the end of that summer. She spent her college years writing with her classmates in her program and other songwriters in Nashville. Corinne has also made it a point to play in as many writers rounds around town as she can with a few full band gigs here and there. She also joined SESAC and as an affiliate, she hosted “Writer’s Block,” a SESAC sponsored writers round at the Curb Café, every semester during her time at Belmont.


In August 2017, McKnight released a single called “Reckless”, a song that she wrote with her good friend Jessie Torrisi. In June 2018, McKnight released another single called “Hi-Lo”, a song that she also wrote with Jessie Torrisi. Following the singles, she released an EP called Full of Stars, which dropped on September 7th, 2018 including both of the singles. McKnight also had an EP release show that same day at Douglas Corner Cafe. McKnight’s latest release, “Pretty Flowers”, dropped on May 10th, 2019 and she made her TV debut on June 17th, 2019 performing the song on Today In Nashville with a full band.