Welcome Blog by Corinne McKnight


Hey guys! It has been SO, DANG LONG since I last blogged but I’m back. And I’m back for good! I’m gonna start blogging again like I used to. I have so much to tell y’all. Did you notice my new website? ;) It’s pretty snazzy. Bobby Spencer did an awesome job designing it. He also designed the cover for “Hi-Lo” and for my new EP “Full of Stars”. Have you guys listened to the EP yet?? I just dropped it a few weeks ago. And I had an EP release show the same day that it was released that I have to tell you guys about. A lot has happened over the last few months! I wanted to wait to start blogging again until my website was finished.

Personal Life: So I’m still in school and that takes up a good amount of my time. I’m a senior now so I only have 1 year left! Well actually, less than a year since we’re halfway through the semester already. It’s kind of crazy. Sometimes it feels like I just got here but sometimes, it feels like I’ve been here forever. I’m a little worried about what’s going to happen after graduation but everyone keeps saying that I’ll figure it out. I think when anyone nears the end of their college career, they start to get worried about what’s going to happen next. Other than that, I’ve just been doing the same old, same old. Going to class, going to work, hangin’ out with my friends, and of course, doing the music thaaaaang.

Music Stuff: My music stuff has been going GREAT! I released an EP, which I’m so proud of. I know I’ve been posting about it a lot (which you’ve seen if you follow me on social media) but I’m just so excited about it! It’s the first body of work I’ve put out in 3 years! I thanked some people awhile back for all of the hard work they put into this EP but I want to thank everyone again because I’m just so grateful for these peeps.

Thanks Yous: First, I want to my producers. Thank you to Zachary Manno for producing most of the EP. He helped bring each song to life and did it in the best possible way. He is such a talented producer and musician and I’m so glad that we are friends. Thank you to Marc Lacuesta for producing “Reckless”. Marc is also a super talented guy! I also want to thank the people that played on the EP. Thank you to Ben Sewell for playing the drums, Justin Brown for playing the keys, Levi Post for playing the bass, and Ryan Gilmore for playing the fiddle. I also want to thank Zach AGAIN because he not only produced the EP but he also played the electric guitar, did some BGVs, and played some bass on the EP. I also want to thank Bobby Spencer for creating the artwork for the EP. When he sent it to me for the first time, I knew it was PERFECT. This was the first body of work that I’ve released with a cover that’s just art so I thought that was pretty cool!

Thanks Yous Part 2: A few more people I want to thank are my co-writers! Thank you to Jessie Torrisi for being the ultimate songwriting partner and for writing “Reckless” and “Hi-Lo” with me. I love writing with her because our styles are so different but they work so well together. I can’t wait to go visit her in NY next week! I’m flying there for fall break. We are gonna write and explore and just have a fun time. :) I want to thank Wynter Bethel for writing “Mars” with me. This was the first song we ever wrote together & I obviously loved the way it turned out. No one else was willing to write this idea with me but I’m so glad that you were open to it! I want to thank Holly Auna and Ryan Oetken for writing “Someday Boy” with me. These two are two of my besties and we write songs together all of the time! I was just in love with this song after we wrote it. I’m so glad I have become so close to these two amazingly talented people. I want to thank Emily Hume for writing “Easy Goin” with me. Me and Emily write together a lot too! We had a ton of fun writing this one. Her mom actually gave Emily the idea for this song and we brought it to life.

Music Stuff Part 2: I wanna tell you guys about my EP release show! It was....THE BEST NIGHT EVER. My family drove down from VA to come to the show and it was awesome to have them there. They definitely calmed my nerves. The helped me set the whole stage up and made it all “Full of Stars” themed. I had twinkly lights along the stage and on my microphone stand and it was so magical. I also had little jars with twinkly lights in them on the stage. We had physical copies of the EP and 2 different posters that people could take too. The night kicked off with Holly and Ryan opening the show. They sounded awesome as always. Then, my band and I played! I feel like the band was really tight and we got great reactions from the crowd. Tony also came up and we sang our song. After the show, I got to take pictures and hang out with everyone! It was a really good turn out. All of my friends wanted to take pics with me and with the poster of the EP and the physical EP itself, which was so sweet. Once we left the venue, I had a little after party at my apartment and that was soooooo much fun. It was probably one of my favorite nights ever.

Welp, I feel like that was a lot of info for you guys to take in (LOL). I’m sorry about how long this blog is....I just had a lot to tell you guys. I also played a super fun show last week when I opened up for my friend, Andrei. He put together this event at this warehouse in East Nashville (which sounds sketchy but it really wasn’t). The venue was super cool and unique. We had a good turn out there too! Anyway, that’s it for me! If you haven’t yet, check out my new EP with the links that I’ll put below! I’ll be back soon.

Corinne McKnight