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Corinne McKnight is a singer/songwriter from Madison, Wisconsin.

She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee and is a senior in the

Songwriting Program at Belmont University. McKnight has been

expressing herself through her music with honest and bubbly pop/

country songs since she was twelve years old. At twelve years old, she

was involved in a program called the Artist Development Network

(ADN). This program matched up young aspiring singers to write songs

with professional songwriters for a week, record a demo of their three

favorite songs that they wrote together, and then perform in a writers


After this amazing experience, McKnight had found her calling. She

never really tinkered with songwriting before the week she spent in

Nashville, but after she got to write with so many talented people,

she realized that being a singer/songwriter was what she wanted

to do with her life. One of the writers that she wrote with, and with

whom she is still close with, told her that she had to learn how to play

guitar if she wanted to be a songwriter. As soon as Corinne got back

to Madison, she bought a guitar and learned how to play. She started

writing her own songs immediately. Her dad found her a manager and

she was well on her way. HEAR MORE ABOUT CORINNE MCKNIGHT AT:



Dakota Heflin

Songshine Media



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Corinne McKnight